Friday, June 8, 2012


Bluebird Sanctuary 
   Every time I see a bluebird, I feel I've glimpsed a fairy.  Their brilliant blue is only apparent from just the right angle making you doubt its existence.  They represent the ideal Bird: pretty, dainty, chirpy, chubby, and responsive to bird houses .  Their call is described as:  "cheer, cheer, cheerful, charmer " (hear it:
     Apparently, they never build their own homes but have to find a hole in a tree, or a bird house (given the right dimensions) and make a nest inside.  What with human invasion of all spaces, their habitat is dwindling, which makes their inclination towards birdhouses so rewarding. One property on the way to our usual beach destination has about 6 houses that are regularly inhabited. Turns out that the boxes should have holes for drainage/ventilation and should be cleaned after each brood to prevent the spread of diseases.  
Drainage holes
Mounted to pole with foam tape and zip ties
     They prefer open grassland, so my test site of our small clearing in the woods will probably not yield new bird neighbors (and it's too close to one of their main dietary preferences, our bees).  I just had to get a photo shoot in and make sure that the mounting apparatus would hold it firmly.  Joey's welding studio in Graton has verified bluebirds, so the box will be heading there next (and photos will follow when the birds move in!).
Anyway, keeping me inspired.  Here's the latest serving tray with removable nest: