Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A friend emailed me this photo and I completely fell in love with the concept.  So I made my own version, and added high-fiving divers to my scuba repertoire.  They make me smile.  And keep the whale-human scale in perspective.  
  At the Gaia Festival, I met a bioacoutistician  who studies the effect of sound on animals.  The ones getting the most attention these days are the disoriented and beached whales due to shipping noise and Navy testing. As a side note, he mentioned that octopuses can apparently hear but don't react to sound.  I glibly commented that the fish weren't exactly barking their presence for an octopus to notice, and he told me that actually, they do.  In addition to his research, he has recordings of them doing so on his website: http://ocr.org/.  Check it out.

The jug in the center is one of my newest examples of the bedside water jug/wine carafe with cup:
 Hope you like it....