Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Kiln Diary - December

 Almost the last load of the year with some interesting new requests: Sugar Glider, Tiger, Sloth, Hammerhead shark, and the Unicorn/uniwhal.  I signed up for Audobon magazine and got this amazing photo on their calendar of two bluebird-esque birds sharing a stick on opposite sides (as in one was upside down!).  Naturally, I had to make a platter of that naturally occurring yin-yang.

bluebird yin yang
As to the Uniwhal, this was instigated by a fellow scuba diver who scribbled the secret behind the ocean's unicorn, the narwhal.  Apparently there's a unicorn driving it from the inside (see the series of mugs).

just a little exhausted.....

EVOLUTION?: Narwhal => Uniwhal => Unicorn => Horse
The Sloth
Finally respecting my Analy heritage