Wednesday, November 26, 2014


     Under normal circumstances, I am so busy my husband calls me a hummingbird.  In a car, I become a caged tiger.. a case of restless leg syndrome takes over my entire body.  So I have learned to prepare a project to complete in the car to keep myself occupied instead of insane.  I have worked on quilts, tied labels for my Anthropologie order, made cards, and this latest trip to Portland... decorated postcards.   
     To prepare, I cut some discarded album covers into postcard dimensions ( First-Class Mail postcard: At least 3.5 x 5", no more than 4.25 x 6"  x 0.016" thick).  Cereal boxes also work.  I put these in a zip-lock bag with glue sticks and scissors.  I also bring any books that would be better as images.  Children's encyclopedias or science books are awesome as the illustrations are precise but outdated to assuage the book-destroying guilt.  Many children's books have brilliant graphics and insipid text... And you can make gift cards from the pages too.  Avoid reading, naturally, to deter car sickness.

      Leg-stretching stops can occur at thrift stores to find more image resources.  
And thus I am amused for hours with hilarious juxtapositions: angler fish with the Andrew Sisters, John Travolta with a shark dance partner, Puffins in space....  

2 gluesticks, 80 postcards, and many many podcasts later, we made it home again....Best to embrace that "artist disposition"
....Happy travels this holiday season!