Sunday, November 6, 2011

 People often ask me where I get my inspiration and I usually answer something like, "It's all around me."  This week the SF Chronicle had these humpbacks and happy kayaker on the front page (SFChronicle).  I imagined myself in his place- the overwhelming majesty.  Only last month, we saw humpbacks at our beach, Goat Rock, where I go several times a week for exercise and visual refreshment.  We call it going to church.  We observe and praise as many creatures as we can find.  There are always the GDD (God Damn Deer... moderately demonized for their rose and garden-eating habits), hawks, kites, bunnies, osprey, crows, bluebirds, a rare bald eagle, occasional dolphins and great blue herons.  A bobcat who lives out there was admired twice.  The pelicans that cruise the waves in calm synchronicity are like prehistoric muses. When we went on my birthday, the beach was littered with bright scarlet starfish and gulls choking them down whole.  In my own little story, they were a gift from the sea.  I hope that my pottery recalls, cultivates and connects such stories.
The pots pictured here, under the latest inspirations, are freshly painted, pre-bisque firing.  The grey color will blacken under the glaze in the next firing (and they'll be available for purchase at the upcoming Celebration of Craftswomen show this Friday-Sun, 11/11 -13).

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  1. This Luddite posted a comment in the wrong place. So I repeat. I love the plates. I hope you made some with starfish. They are really beautiful. Bambi is evil! XOXOX