Thursday, April 18, 2013

Octo Recharge!

Day Octopus
 (no, I don't have an underwater camera so this is someone else's memory
...but I can relate
 Spent the last week under water in Maui getting re-inspired for before my first show of the year!  Fondled octopuses, ogled turtles, swam with unicornfish, fell in love with the blue boxfish, sharks and even a barracuda!  I've got all kinds of new designs competing for attention now!
The Turtles are coming too!

Unicornfish of course!
Spotted Blue Boxfish
Surprisingly, there was an Empty Bowls event taking place at Star Noodle in Lahaina.  I donated one year to an Empty Bowls event in Sacramento so I was curious what actually happened.  Potters provide handmade bowls which patrons buy and fill with the sponsoring
Rockmover or Dragon Wrasse
restaurant's food (which luckily, in my case, was Star Noodle where I was already recomended to go! sooooo tasty).  All proceeds go to local food banks.   I found kindred spirit again in the spectacular scraffito octopus platter on silent auction.  I bid it up 3 times, but I didn't win.
Octo Platter on Silent Auction at Empty Bowls
 by Bob Hoenig in Maui
There's another Empty Bowls event taking place in Hawaii April 26.  Lots more around the world..Check out the calendar & website here:  Now back to the mud....

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