Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Kiln Diary - December

 Almost the last load of the year with some interesting new requests: Sugar Glider, Tiger, Sloth, Hammerhead shark, and the Unicorn/uniwhal.  I signed up for Audobon magazine and got this amazing photo on their calendar of two bluebird-esque birds sharing a stick on opposite sides (as in one was upside down!).  Naturally, I had to make a platter of that naturally occurring yin-yang.

bluebird yin yang
As to the Uniwhal, this was instigated by a fellow scuba diver who scribbled the secret behind the ocean's unicorn, the narwhal.  Apparently there's a unicorn driving it from the inside (see the series of mugs).

just a little exhausted.....

EVOLUTION?: Narwhal => Uniwhal => Unicorn => Horse
The Sloth
Finally respecting my Analy heritage


  1. You are absolutely amazing - love these!

  2. Hello, I just stumbled upon your blog (through your etsy shop), and I have to tell you, I am absolutely in love with your pottery! I am a PADI dive master and a (novice) potter and was thinking about making shark and other animal mugs when I discovered that you are already making them (and better than I can!)... I just wanted to express my admiration, and ask if you hand-paint the designs, or use decals exclusively? Just curious (I've never used decals!)

  3. hi Natt.. just been scuba diving in NZ looking for more inspiration. My pots are all handpainted, so i've trained my hand. There's another lady on etsy who uses decals to great effect, i think (cephalopod ink: https://www.etsy.com/listing/111696780/custom-regular-mug-made-to-order-pottery?ref=related-3) I experimented a bit with decals, but i kind of feel like it's cheating. all you need is a laser printer and some decal paper. the iron oxide in the ink makes a nice red print when you fire it at bisque temp... experiment and enjoy!